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My check engine light is on, what does that mean?

The check engine light monitors emission controls. A loose gas cap, or a bad sensor could cause excess emissions that will turn the light on. In many cases engine performance will not feel any different, but sometimes the engine may not run correctly. The check engine light does NOT monitor engine oil level or coolant level, please pay attention to those warnings. 

My brake lining light is on, what does that mean? 

When the brakes are worn to the minimum thickness, the brake pad sensor comes in contact with the brake rotor (disc) to turn on the warning system. You should make an appointment as soon as possible to inspect the entire brake system to avoid unnecessary damage to other brake components. 

My ABS / BAS / ESP warning light(s) are on. 

ABS/BAS/DSC/ESP are the warning lights for the traction control and stability control systems. When these lights are on, the normal braking system will work in most cases, however the electronic parts of these systems have detected a problem. You may experience wheel lock up during a panic (emergency) stop. You should make an appointment as soon as possible to have these systems tested. They are important safety systems. 

How often should I test my battery? 

You should test your battery one time per year, preferably just before the hot season. Cars today are very complicated. A battery that is starting to fail will still start the engine but may not have enough power to keep all the computers running. 

Will I void my Warranty if I service my car with you? 

No. Federal law allows you to have your car serviced at the service provider of your choice. The service provider must perform the work as per the manufacture specifications. Ask to see the service sheets and test equipment if necessary.

Do I need to follow the A or B service requirement?

Yes, we recommend doing this. A and B services are due approximately every 10,000 miles (for vehicle 1998-2004) and approximately every 12 to 14,000 miles (for vehicles 2005 and newer). 

What fluids do you use?

Fully synthetic. We use full synthetic Mobil 1 0w-40 engine oil for AMG engines (grade 229.51) and 5w-20/30/50 (grade 229.3/.5) also Mercedes-Benz genuine transmission, power steering, brake, antifreeze fluids and other greases/pastes on all our services.

What does Authorized Service really mean?

Authorized service or authorized repair means that only a Mercedes Benz dealer can repair your car IF it is still under the factory, extended, Starmark, or ELW warranty, and you will not have to pay for it. Other than the new car or extended MBZ warranty, any BAR licensed service company can repair your Mercedes. If you have an aftermarket warranty, we can help you. 

Do your services maintain my vehicles warranty?

Yes. I use only OE and OEM parts and approved fluids, and perform all work to standards exceeding those necessary to maintain your warranty.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept Checks, Cash, Visa and Master Cards (sorry, American Express not accepted).

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